Eric the parrot saves his sleeping owner from house fire in Australia by squawking like a smoke alarm

A PARROT saved its sleeping owner’s life after it squawked his name during a house fire which ravaged the property.

The parrot named Eric is reported to have raised the alarm on Wednesday morning when he squawked “Anton! Anton!" several times to get the attention of its owner, Anton Nguyen.

Although his home was devastated by the fire, he was able to escape unharmed.

Firefighters arrived at the home in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Australia shortly after 2 am on and found that the Nguyen had already made it outside.

The lucky man said: “I heard a bang and Eric my parrot, he started to yell, so I woke up and I smelt a bit of smoke.

“I grabbed Eric, opened the door and looked to the back of the house and saw some flames.

“And so I grabbed my bag and took off and bolted downstairs,” he told the Today Show.

Although the house was equipped with smoke detectors, the parrot was able to notify Nguyen before they went off.

A spokesman for Queensland Ambulance said paramedics arrived on the scene and assessed the man but concluded he did not need to be hospitalised.

Firefighters were able to bring the fire under control an hour and a half later at 3:30 am, according to a Queensland Fire spokeswoman.

Investigations into the cause of the fire has begun.

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