Esther McVey fires back at Lorraine Kelly AGAIN

‘Maybe she wants to go into politics’: Esther McVey fires back at Lorraine Kelly AGAIN and insists she has no idea why former GMTV rival ‘can’t stand her’

  • Rumours of a feud between Lorraine Kelly and Esther McVey continue to swirl
  • Kelly appeared to ‘snub’ former GMTV colleague McVey when she was on GMB
  • Kelly later said she was ‘baffled’ by McVey’s claim she was promoted above her 
  • McVey was on LBC today and again questioned about her relationship with Kelly 

Esther McVey today claimed Lorraine Kelly might be trying to launch a career in politics as rumours of a feud between the two women continued to swirl.

The breakfast TV star has made headlines this week after appearing to ‘snub’ her former GMTV colleague live on air when she was a guest on Good Morning Britain.

Kelly later said she was ‘baffled’ by the Tory leadership hopeful’s claim that she was promoted above her at GMTV, and disagrees with her views on LGBT rights.

Esther McVey was questioned about her relationship with Lorraine Kelly on LBC this morning

Lorraine Kelly (right) was again questioned about her relationship with McVey during ITV’s Good Morning Britain today – with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid (left)

Today, McVey was asked by LBC presenter Iain Dale: ‘What on earth did you do to Lorraine Kelly?’ McVey replied: ‘I don’t know. I had a very fun time at GMTV.’

Dale added: ‘But she clearly can’t stand you. Why do you think that is?’ McVey said: ‘Who knows?’ Dale said: ‘You’ve got no theories that you’re going to share with us?’

Tory leadership contender McVey continued: ‘Well let me see. Well I’ve gone off into politics and, you know, maybe she wants to go off into politics. Who knows?’

Dale suggested it might be ‘jealousy’, but McVey responded: ‘Oh look, I don’t want to get into that. I have happy memories of TV.’

Also today, Kelly was again questioned about her relationship with McVey and said ‘there is something rotten at the heart of politics’.

Esther McVey (right) presented old ITV programme GMTV with Eamonn Holmes (centre) and covered for Fiona Phillips (left) while she was on maternity leave. They are pictured in 1999

Esther McVey speaks at an event to launch a Conservative leadership bid in London on Monday

Pressed by Piers Morgan on today’s Good Morning Britain programme on ITV about their rumoured feud, Kelly said: ‘Oh behave, you’re such an imp.’

Lorraine is pictured while on GMTV, where she worked with McVey for a year in 1999 

She added: ‘I’m just annoyed that there is something rotten at the heart of politics and it’s annoyed me. You don’t want to get me angry, Piers, you won’t like me when I’m angry.’

Fiona Phillips has also weighed in on McVey’s claims that she was promoted over Kelly to host with Eamonn Holmes when she worked at GMTV.

The 55-year-old TV host told MailOnline yesterday that ‘ambitious’ McVey claimed she had replaced her on the old ITV programme permanently – but was actually just covering maternity leave.

Phillips said: ‘Esther said that she had been promoted. But that is an absolute lie. She was only on there because she was covering my maternity leave.

‘During which I was asked several times by colleagues pleading to know when I was coming back. Esther was never presenting there permanently. She was at Channel Five I think at the time and she was jobbing, just trying to get work.

Lorraine Kelly films for her morning show Lorraine, which airs after Good Morning Britain daily

‘But I don’t know because I wasn’t there. She said she had been promoted. But she wasn’t even there to be promoted. You don’t embellish your CV.’

Fiona Phillips, pictured in 2015, has weighed in on McVey’s claims that she was promoted over Kelly to host with Eamonn Holmes

Also yesterday, Kelly accused McVey of being part of a ‘toxic political atmosphere’, after she exchanged icy comments about her former colleague on Monday.

Some viewers said she may be bitter after the politician was promoted above her during their time working together on GMTV.

But Kelly said she was ‘baffled’ by any suggestion Miss McVey was chosen to host alongside Holmes above her as she had her own show.

The MP for Tatton in Cheshire was questioned about her relationship with Kelly at a press conference where she told the audience that the pair shared a dressing room, before suggesting that she was promoted ahead of her to partner Holmes.

Rumours of a fractured relationship spread after Miss Kelly appeared to snub the politician live on air during her appearance on Good Morning Britain on Monday.

When shown the clip on GMB yesterday morning and questioned about the claims, Kelly dismissed them saying she was ‘baffled’ by the remarks.

Unimpressed she said: ‘Well, who wouldn’t want to fight over Eamonn Holmes?

‘No, there is no battle. I’m baffled by that though because I had my own show from 1992 and I don’t actually think she joined until five years later.

Lorraine is pictured on the GMTV sofa. She went on to have several of her own shows

‘As far as sharing dressing rooms go, it wasn’t really like that. It’s not palatial like it is now. I know Piers, you’ve got your Winnebago.

‘It was just a little room that everybody shared, that we went in and we got ready in. It wasn’t a dressing room with couches and all of that, it wasn’t palatial at all.’

When asked by Morgan if she was a fan of McVey’s politics she said she ‘strongly disagrees with her on LGBT rights’.

‘Yesterday, Piers, I will be honest with you, I just got sick to the back teeth of the whole toxic political atmosphere,’ she said.

‘I strongly disagree with her on LGBT rights and I just felt like I’ve had enough of this, we’ve had two-and-a-half years of going round in circles over Brexit and now we’ve got people at each other’s throats and it’s got to stop.’

Miss McVey was criticised last month when she said parents should be free to withdraw their child from lessons at school where they are taught about LGBT relationships.

The very differing career paths of two GMTV ‘rivals’: How Lorraine Kelly went on to become one of Britain’s most popular daytime stars, while Esther McVey set her sights on running the country 

Lorraine Kelly and Esther McVey only crossed paths for around a year in 1999 when they both worked for ITV’s morning show GMTV. 

After their awkward TV encounter on Good Morning Britain this week, MailOnline looks at how the rivals’ careers panned out very differently.   

Lorraine Kelly  

Kelly’s TV career stretches back to 1984 when she got the job of Scotland correspondent for TV-am, which aired on ITV.

Off the back of her coverage of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 she later anchored the show’s Sunday programme before moving to GMTV when it launched in 1993.

Kelly helped get the show off the ground by presenting a number of items for the show until she went on maternity leave in June 1994. 

She was dropped by the broadcaster for the main presenting job and returned in November that year with a ‘mum and a baby slot’.

Kelly was later given the host job for Nine O Clock Live, which proved so popular the name was changed to Lorraine Live and the slot was moved to 25 minutes earlier to maximise viewers.  

Lorraine Live ran separately to GMTV and was broadcast directly after the main show at 8.35am, later changing its name to GMTV with Lorraine.

When GMTV was axed in 2000, Lorraine’s show became simply ‘Lorraine’ and continued to air after the 6am slot, now taken by Daybreak.

Kelly continued to work for the early-morning programmes Daybreak and Good Morning Britain until 2014 when she left to focus solely on her own show.

In 2016 she became embroiled in a battle with the taxman over claims she worked freelance for ITV and her ‘Lorraine’ persona is just for show.

HM Revenue and Customs presented her with an income tax bill for almost £900,000, plus national insurance contributions of over £300,000. 

But she argued that she had created her own ‘persona’ and ‘brand’ and that is what broadcasters wanted when they took her on.

A judge ruled in her favour and she won £1.2million under rules for the self-employed.

Elsewhere in her career, Kelly has worked on shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5. 

She has guest presented the later ITV daytime show This Morning, as well as Have I Got News For You and Never Mind The Buzzcocks on the BBC and The Friday Night Project on Channel 4.

Kelly has partnered up with a number of charities including the Missing People’s Charity, Worldwide Cancer Research and Comic Relief.

She was given an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2012 for her services to charity and the armed forces.

The presenter has been branded a ‘gay icon’ and was given an honorary award at the 2015 Attitude Awards for her support of the LGBT community. 

Esther McVey

McVey studied journalism at City University in London and embarked on a media career before heading into politics.

A three-minute clip of her on My Liverpool propelled her to the BBC.

She started out as a co-presenter of the BBC’s summer holiday programme But First This in 1991, before presenting and producing several other shows. 

McVey worked on BBC One’s science entertainment series How Do They Do That, moving over to Channel 5 to work on Company and Channel 4 for its legal series Nothing But The Truth, where she worked with Brexit Party politician Ann Widdecombe.

In 1999 she went over to ITV to work on their morning show GMTV where she co-presented the show with Eamonn Holmes as maternity cover for regular Fiona Phillips. 

When her media days were over she moved back to her native Liverpool to set up her own business, which she called Making It UK, providing training for small businesses.   

Despite growing up in working class Liverpool, McVey was a long-standing Conservative supporter.

As part of a Thatcherite group called Conservative Way Forward she was fielded as a candidate in the 2005 General Election to represent West Wirral, but she lost to Labour’s Stephen Hesford by just under 2,000 votes.

She tried again in 2010 and finally managed to beat Labour with a 2,436 majority to become the first Tory MP in Merseyside since 1997.

That year she worked as Parliamentary Private Secretary to then Employment Minister Chris Grayling. 

From 2012 to 2013 she was Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Work and Pensions, under Iain Duncan Smith. 

She became Minister for Disabled People under David Cameron before being promoted to Minister for Employment. She bore a large brunt of public anger over the so-called ‘bedroom tax’ while in this post. 

In December 2013 she was made to pay back £300 for using House of Commons note paper and postage for a Conservative campaigning purposes.

She briefly had the portfolio of Health and Safety Executive but had it taken away when a company was found to be in major breach of health and safety laws under her leadership.

In 2014 she was forced to apologise for attacking the Wirral Labour Party during a memorial service for the victims of the Hillsborough disaster in her native Merseyside. 

Labour’s John McDonnell reportedly discussed a ‘sack Esther McVey Day’ among party activists with some arguing they should ‘lynch the b*****’. 

His comments were condemned but the next year she lost her seat to Labour’s Margaret Greenwood who won by 417 votes.  

She worked for the British Transport Police until the 2017 snap General Election was called when McVey won the safe Tory seat of Tatton. 

In January 2018 McVey was named Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, replacing Iain Duncan Smith.

Reports claimed she ‘misled’ the public over the pair’s rollout of the controversial benefit shake-up Universal Credit. 

She quit in November citing anger over the Government’s Brexit plans and was replaced by former Home Secretary Amber Rudd who herself was forced to resign over the Windrush Scandal.

When Theresa May announced she would step down as Tory leader in 2019, McVey said she would run for the top job.

She admitted she was an ‘outsider’ in the 10-man race, but she is ‘used to being an outsider’ as a Conservative in the North West.   

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