Footage shows Schumer and Romney both being saved from the MAGA mob

Dramatic security footage shows top Democrat Chuck Schumer and Mitt Romney both being saved from the MAGA mob by hero cops including Officer Eugene Goodman

  • Hero Capitol Police officer redirected Mitt Romney away from the mob
  • Officers also evacuated Sen. Charles Schumer when the rioters were steps away
  • Schumer was soon to become Senate majority leader
  • Romney was walking towards the House, where phalanx of rioters had gathered
  • Goodman motioned for him to turn around, then went on to divert rioters 
  • Footage shows how Schumer ‘had a near miss with the mob,’ said Rep. Swalwell 

Stunning new security footage reveals how a Capitol Police officer prevented Sen. Mitt Romney from walking in the direction of a MAGA rob rampaging through the Capitol Jan. 6.

Other clips played by House Democratic managers show just how close Senate Majority Leader Sen. Charles Schumer came to an encounter with the mob. 

The close calls became part of the trial record as managers played dramatic footage of enraged rioters smashing through Capitol windows, roaming through the halls , and hunting for lawmakers, who some threatened to kill.

House impeachment manager Rep. Stacey Plaskett (Del.-V.I.) in her presentation to the Senate revealed how hero Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman helped redirect Romney during a brief encounter in the Senate.

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah was heading towards a mob when he got a warning from Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman

Goodman had been rushing along a second floor Senate corridor in order to make his way where Trump supporters had entered the Capitol.

His exploits in seeking to slow their approach and leading them to where other officers were located has already been widely shared.

But in new security footage played by the managers, Goodman can be seen passing Romney and directing him ‘to turn around in order to get to safety,’ said Plaskett.

The footage, not yet seen publicly, shows Goodman running toward the Senate and its famous Ohio Clock.

He then gestures to Romney, who does an immediate 180-degree turn, having been walking toward the House where another larger mob had already gathered.

Plaskett presented the footage after showing earlier footage of rioters changing ‘Hang Mike Pence’ and talking about killing and shooting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Romney, 73, is the only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump on an impeachment count last year, and Trump regularly lambasted him on Twitter. 

Security footage shows the moment when Romney turned around and rushed in a safer direction

Footage also shows Sen. Charles Schumer being led away, only to turn around and rush in the other direction

Schumer, 70, along with other senators, was evacuated after the MAGA mob breached the Capitol

“It tears at your heard and brings tears to your eyes. That was overwhelmingly distressing and emotional,’ Romney told reporters in the Capitol during a break in the trial after the video got played. 

He is one of six Republicans to vote Tuesday that the impeachment trial itself is constitutional.

The next batch of footage shows Goodman trying to slow rioters who gathered on the first floor of the building and pushed up stairs toward the second floor, where the entrance to the Senate chamber is located.

Vice President Mike Pence, who Trump identified as key to his election overturn effort, was sheltering along with his family including daughter Charlotte not far from the Senate floor. 

Other footage played by the managers shows Schumer being escorted out of his Capitol leadership office as the mob approached. 

He and his security detail came within ‘had a near miss with the mob,’ said Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California during his own presentation. ‘They came within just yards of rioters and had to turn around,’ he said. 

He also played footage of senators being evacuated from the same chamber they were seated in during the trial. ‘You were just 58 steps away from where the mob,’ Swalwell told them.

Schumer can be seen walking up a ramp with his detail. After he goes out of view, Schumer and his detail can be seen running down the same ramp. 

‘Officers immediately shut the door and use their bodies to keep them safe,’ says Swalwell.   

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also in grave danger, said Plaskett, noting that a man armed with a cane that was also a stun gun sat at her desk after penetrating her office. ‘They would have killed her,’ said Plaskett. 

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