Fred West interview: What did the serial killer say?

FRED West was a serial killer and one of the most notorious criminals in British history.

Along with his wife Rose, the now deceased murderer killed at least 12 women between 1967 and 1987 from their home in Gloucestershire and buried the bodies under the floorboards.

What did Fred West say?

Fred was arrested in February 1994 and committed suicide in prison on New Year's Day in 1995.

In 2019, new evidence regarding Fred and Rose was revealed in a Trevor McDonald documentary, which mark 25 years since the couple's sick crimes came to light.

In a police interview Fred admitted to killing nine women but said Rose had nothing to do with the murders.

In regard to killing his own daughter he said: "I didn't grab her around the neck to choke her or anything", and then went on to say that "enjoyment turned to disaster".

The key points of the Fred West interview were:

WARNING: Contains graphic content, which some readers might find distressing.

  • He tried to keep Rose's name out of it by saying she had nothing to do with the murders
  • He admitted that one of his killers had been strangled: "I’ve been squeezed around the neck. I mean I haven’t gone that quick. It’s surprising how long someone can hold you around the neck before you really have to do something, I suppose."
  • Fred described dismembering the body: "I finally manage to do it, to take her head off and then her legs. That was unbearable. I can hear that now in my sleep. I wake up very often screaming. I can hear that echoing."
  • The killer admitted that he had a serious problem: "I’ve got to tell Rose so she can get somebody to help me. So, I don’t do this thing again. Because the problem I’ve got, and I know it’s a problem, and I knew I should have got help with it."

Why is Rose West linked with Myra Hindley?

A documentary which aired on September 21, 2020, will expose her reported love affair with Myra Hindley, a fellow serial killer.

They pair were in prison together and had committed similar crimes, which helped them form a bond.

Hindley passed away in November 2002 and their relationship ended on bad terms after West thought she was manipulative.

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