German shepherd loves to hang halfway off furniture – and he’s not the only one

A German shepherd’s adorable habit of hanging halfway off furniture has left Reddit viewers howling – with many fellow owners saying their pooches do the same.

The short seven-second clip was posted to Reddit on Wednesday (September 29) and has already amassed more than 1,900 up votes.

It shows a German shepherd casually perching on the end of a bed, with his back paws still on the floor.

Despite the seemingly uncomfortable pose, the pooch decides to rest his head and looks for all the world as if he could go to sleep.

User @pureadobaby posted the footage with the caption: “Does anybody else’s German shepherd like to just hang out halfway on the furniture?”

Hundreds of people commented on the clip and it turned out it was quite a common habit of the breed.

"Omg yes, all the time,” one user wrote.

Another commented: “Mine just slides off the couch stretching her back legs out, sometimes she falls asleep with her back legs standing and her front legs on the couch, she’s just a goofy dog.”

A third added: “Yes! Mine has actually fallen asleep like this on several occasions! Sometimes with a toy or ball in her mouth too!”

Someone else explained the pooch may be unsure if he has permission to jump up.

“My dog does this because when she was a pup we let her sleep with us in the bed,” they added. “Now she’s too big and goes outside and gets a lil dirty so we don’t let her. So she does this to try and scoot her way back on to see if she don’t get yelled at.”

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While aanother viewer suggested there may be a more serious issue at play.

“The way that he’s bending the rear foot over, and seemingly doesn’t realise that the foot is not flat on the floor, could be a nerve disease,” they said.

But the owner reassured those worried about the dog, saying: “We just had a lot of vet visits so he’s been all checked out but I will definitely keep this in mind.”

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