Giant huntsman spider pops out above woman’s head as she speeds along at 60mph

An Australian woman innocently driving down the motorway was stunned to see a gigantic, terrifying huntsman spider behind her rear-view mirror.

Monique Fogarty posted the eight-legged titan on the Facebook group "Australian spider identification page", asking fellow users whether the spider "that almost killed me" was really a huntsman.

She added the crying laughing emoji, plus a skull and a woozy face.

Group member Red Kelly confirmed Fogarty's fears and posted a picture of a huntsman crawling on his foot.

He said: "They are usually pretty friendly. I don’t remove them from my house and sometimes they follow me round the house from the ceiling, from room to room just watching what I’m doing."

"They are one of my all time favourites."

Another user suggested huntsman spiders were among Australia's most dangerous because, although their venom is less toxic than some arachnids', their hide-and-seek capabilities are almost unrivalled.

Elizabeth Browne added: "[T]heir penchant for hide and seek in moving vehicles has (probably) caused more injuries."

Fogarty replied: "They absolutely need to count it in the 'accidents on Australian roads' census.

"Drink/drug driving, microsleeps, phone use, huntsmans."

This is just the latest in a series of recent scary animal sightings in Australia, with one social media user posting pictures of an impossibly big stick insect on his yard broom.

But UK residents have been warned by scientists to avoid false widow spiders, which can cause serious infections.

A new study suggested the arachnids can cause nausea, blood pressure changes and other serious side effects, GloucestershireLive reported.

Underneath Fogarty's Facebook post, one user asked a question many in the northern hemisphere will be asking amid such sightings.

Zach Wells wrote: "How do yall even live over there with them things."

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