Google Maps users spot island with uncanny resemblance to Baby Yoda

An inquisitive Google Maps user has wowed Star Wars fans by finding an island that bears an incredible resemblance to Baby Yoda.

The screenshot, which was uploaded to a reddit page dedicated to Google Maps, shows a green land mass that even seems to have the critter's ears.

As the author of the curious sighting captioned it “Baby Yoda Island”, other users seemed to have identified other animated characters, from Dumbo to Stitch.

Some of the 40,000 members in the group also saw Shrek, the green ogre from the movie and franchise of the same name, as well as a cow.

Other members of the GoogleMaps reddit group – described as a “subreddit for anything and everything to do with Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Street View” – appeared to agree with the searcher, as one wrote: “I see baby Yoda wrapped in a blanket.”

But another user said that it actually bore more of a resemblance to the grown-up and doddering Jedi.

He wrote: “I see old Yoda with his little walking stick laid across his chest.”

Baby Yoda is the nickname given to Grogu, a Star Wars character appearing on the Disney+ original television series The Mandalorian.

Grogu is an infant member of the same alien species as Star Wars’ famous characters Yoda and Yaddle.

No_Raptors’ discovery does show Grogu-esque ears on both of the island’s extremities, as well as a main body, which, put together, looks like the fictional extraterrestrial creature.

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Reddit’s group dedicated to weird finds taken from Google’s web mapping platform was created in 2009.

Users have since shared incredible discoveries, such as a shape that looks just like an enormous ship in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica.

Other people have managed to find odd looking lines in the depth of the ocean, as the option of zooming in on Google Maps can be very powerful.

Google Maps not only uses vehicles to capture their very useful Street View images, helping millions of people around the world to navigate to a chosen destination, but it also collects imagery from satellite, aerial and 3D.

According to Google Maps’ official support page, images are “collected over time from providers and platforms”.

Images are not, however, “in real time”, therefore, one does not have the ability to see live changes.

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