Harry and Meghan announced UK visit to ‘allow crowds to gather’ for Netflix crew

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the dates of their UK visit in September early in order to enable the crowds to gather for their Netflix crew, a royal commentator has claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are scheduled to return to the UK in September, attending a summit in Manchester on September 5, before later visiting the UK again for the WellChild Awards on September 8.

The trip will be the couples’ first together since their brief stopover across the Atlantic for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations in June.

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It is not known whether the Sussexes will be followed by a camera crew while in the UK, but royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths suggested that the ex-royals are hopeful of drumming up attention.

“I think that they’ve announced these dates because they want to give a chance for the crowds to gather,” she claimed, while speaking on the Palace Confidential podcast.

“Because if they do have a Netflix crew with them, imagine how embarrassing it would be if about three people were there sort of waving.

“They want us all to get excited and to talk about it. They want it to look like a royal tour, I think.”

Despite the announcement, Harry and Meghan have not addressed whether they will meet up with any of the royals while in the UK.

But, also speaking on the Palace Confidential panel, columnist Sarah Vine suggested that the couple would be “mad” not to visit the Queen, and claimed that Harry and Meghan are still enjoying making use of their royal association.

“I think they do still think of themselves as royals, they behave like royals, and they use their titles,” she said.

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“They just do the bits of being royals that they want to do, as opposed to the bits that they don’t want to do, which involve going and opening envelopes in rainy town halls in places they don’t want to go to. They get to cherry pick.”

This comes as some commentators have even speculated that Harry and Meghan might soon renew their wedding vows in front of Netflix cameras.


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