Harry says brother William ‘is jealous’ in resurfaced Afghanistan clip

Prince Harry admitted that his brother Prince William had some "jealousy" towards him in an interview when he was serving in Afghanistan.

The 2013 clip was recently re-posted onto TikTok amid the ongoing alleged feud between the royal brothers.

Harry and Meghan said they were left "speechless" in a statement on the dire situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country.

In the unearthed clip, the Duke of Sussex kept his humour when he spoke of his disappointment at not having his brother by his side.

He told the reporter: "There is a bit of jealousy, not just the fact that I get to fly this [an Apache helicopter] but he'd love to be around here, I don't see why.

"To be honest, I don't see why he couldn't. His job out here would be flying the IRT [Immediate Response Team], or whatever, doing Chinook missions.

"Just the same as us. No one knows who's in the cockpit."

Harry then argued that there was no reason why members of the Royal Family should not be in the firing line if troops on the ground were facing the same dangers.

"Yes, you get shot at," the then-28-year-old prince said.

"But if the guys who are doing the same job as us are being shot at on the ground, I don't think there's anything wrong with us being shot at as well.

"People back home will have issues with that, but we're not special. The guys out there are. Simple as that."

Viewers said they spotted the difference in Harry in the past eight years.

But some showed support and thanked Harry for his military service.

"Like or dislike him…he fought for the country," a viewer commented and a second added: "At least he earned the medals he wears and not just given ceremonially."

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