Headless corpse rolls out of cannibal’s car as he admits frying tongue in butter

A man from Russia was revealed to be a cannibal after a headless corpse fell out of the boot of his car during an accident.

When 22-year-old Yegor Komarov crashed his Mitsubishi into a road safety barrier in Sortavala, a town in northern Russia, onlookers were baffled to see a decapitated body fall out of the boot.

After the crash, Yegor and two others fled into the woods, leaving the headless corpse laying on the road.

Police believe that the decapitated corpse belongs to a 50-year-old businessman from St Petersburg, and in the car boot with him, police also found spades, rope and sacks.

Investigators believed that the businessman was killed during an argument with the suspects, who planned to bury his body in the woods.

When they were finally caught, Komarov confessed to being a cannibal and said that he 'likes killing people.'

Komarov also confessed to murdering another 38-year-old man by stabbing him to death in a park in St Petersburg last year, all because he wanted to taste human flesh, Daily Mail reports.

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Describing the incident in the park, the man said: ''When he died, I gutted his neck and tasted the blood and meat. But the meat was difficult to cut, as the knife was blunt, and I did not like the taste of his veins.'

After getting rid of the 38-year-old's body, the man described how he sliced off the tongue in a nearby drainage pipe, took it home and cooked it with butter.

However, he did not like that either, saying: 'But I probably would have liked another part of the body.'

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The 23-year-old cannibal also warned investigators to tighten his handcuffs to make sure he did not 'bite them'.

According to Russian media, Komarov was born in St Petersburg and lived with his parents and grandmother in a communal apartment.

In his social media profile on the Russian site VKontakte, he was interested in 'anarcho-primitivism' and the 'elixirs of immortality, and psychedelic music.

The authorities investigating the case have not commented on the cannibalism reports yet.

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