Heartbreaking requests devastated dog owners ask Pet Crematorium employees

For many, losing a pet is like losing a close member of the family. There are even instances where heartbroken kids see a therapist after losing their dog.

But once pets pass away, owners are faced with a range of options such as taking them home to lay them to rest or have them cremated – which is often sorted out by the vets.

However, there is a crematorium in the Black County that is specifically for pets that helps pet owners give the beloved pooches the respectful send-off they deserve.

Prestwood Pet Crematorium was set up by Derek and Susie Lawrence 25 years ago in 1996 and is located in Stourton, Stourbridge.

They opened the crematorium after Derek read about someone who had been prosecuted for dumping the bodies of deceased pets in landfill sites. This person was claiming to operate a pet crematorium.

As horrified pet owners, the pair decided to set up their own and offer owners the opportunity to give their beloved companions the respectful send-off they deserve.

The crematorium offers a totally individual cremation when requested and all pets are treated with the utmost respect and dignity for the entire time.

An open-door policy is operated and visits to the crematorium are welcomed at any time. Owners are able to even place stones and markers in the memorial garden or sit in the surroundings and take time to remember their beloved companion.

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Speaking to TeamDogs about some of the heartbreaking requests they receive, Rob Andrews, the managing director at the crematorium, said: "People can expect a dignified cremation service for their pet.

"The most common requests we get are for fur clippings and paw prints from their pet. We have been asked to cremate a favourite toy with a pet or have them wrapped in their blanket.

"Sometimes we are asked to say a few specific words, sing a song or give them a kiss. Most requests are really understandable."

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The crematorium cannot bury pets that haven't been cremated however, cremated pets' ashes can be buried at the site.

"We have a memorial garden and some people come back every year on their pet's passing anniversary.".

"It's very peaceful here. We do have kennels of rest or farewell rooms, which gives people a final chance to say goodbye in a peaceful setting.

"Some people have young children, kids away at university who can't get back until the weekend or partners at work, so we can keep their pet for a few days so they can get the chance to say goodbye."

Rob, who has three cats as well as a Parson Russell Terrier and a Bernese Mountain dog, really understands how to put owners at ease and comfort their pain when bringing their pets in.

He added: "We have a memorial book here for all the pets that have been cremated. Owners can send in their own tributes that they want to put inside. Pets are a really big part of people's families and ours too, so we know just how important they are. "

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