Heavy police presence guard Downing Street into the night

Heavy police presence guard Downing Street into the night after protesters unfurl ‘F*** Boris’ banners at demonstration and brand the new Prime Minister a ‘liar’

  • Police officers surrounded Downing Street last night after ‘anti-Boris’ protesters lined the streets in London
  • Comes as Johnson made a string of new appointments to the government on his first night in office 
  • People held banners stating: ‘Not my government, not my Prime Minister’ after Johnson took over Theresa May

A heavy police presence surrounded Downing Street last night after anti-Boris Johnson protesters unfurled ‘F*** Boris’ banners at demonstrations.

Hoards of officers were pictured guarding the gates to the infamous street throughout the evening as those protesting the new Prime Minister branded Johnson a ‘liar’.

Officers and vans were seen dotted about while activists lined the streets with ‘No to Boris, No to racism’ banners, following Prime Minister Johnson having taken up the helm earlier today.

Many were seen on Whitehall waving pink flares as all seemed relatively quiet at Number 10 after the new Prime Minister made a string of new appointments. 

Protesters also projected a 20ft-high image onto the front of Buckingham Palace at the start of the day ahead of the planned protests.

The ‘Fck Govt Fck Boris’ event in London today was organised by groups who oppose the MP’s election to leader of the Tory party and consequent prime ministership. 

Pink flares were seen surrounding Downing street on Wednesday evening as officers gathered on either sides of the gates 

Demonstrators carry placards and light flares with one carrying the sign ‘Boris is a f****** liar’ as they gathered outside Downing Street 

Boris Johnson (pictured above) has already started to stamp his authority on the government and took to appointing new cabinet members 

Groups gathered along the street throughout the evening while many people were seen on board a bus that had been rented out especially 

Pink flares lined Whitehall as people carried signs which stated ‘Remain, Reform, Revolt’ as they made a point of getting their ‘anti-Boris’ message across

Activists made themselves comfortable this evening as they parked up outside Downing Street with ‘No to racism, no to Boris Johnson’ signs

People who didn’t agree with thew new appointment were seen waving pink smoke in the air as they stood outside the office that Boris Johnson has now taken 

Prior to the protests the group issued a statement which read: ‘Boris will be sworn in as PM on 24th July. We will be ready to greet him. We will be ready to reject him. And we will be ready to reject every single one of his cronies and everything they stand for. ‘

‘At the time he gives his first speech as PM, we will hold a street festival celebrating the power of our communities. There will be music and art. There will be noise.’

A picture of Johnson holding a kipper appeared on the front of Buckingham Palace early this morning, with a message: ‘Your Majesty, your new prime minister is a liar.’ 

The stunt came ahead of a planned protest called Yesterday evening, Scottish nationalist campaigners assembled in the centre of Glasgow calling for the dissolution of the union in response to Johnson’s election.

Wednesday’s Buckingham Palace stunt was organised by Led By Donkeys, a campaign that highlights politicians’ apparently hypocritical statements. 

The stunt is a reference to the accusations that Mr Johnson has been accused of spreading fake news, after claiming ‘Brussels bureaucrats’ were behind rules about sending Isle of Man kippers by post.

Mr Johnson used his final hustings of the leadership campaign to deride what he called the EU’s ‘pointless, expensive, environmentally damaging health and safety’ rules by insisting a kipper must be accompanied by a plastic ice pillow.

However, officials in Brussels have since pointed out that the rules were set in the UK, and the Isle of Man is not in the European Union.

Led By Donkeys first went viral in early 2019 after organising billboards in Dover, including one showing Theresa May tweeting her support for Remain in early 2016 and another of Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg in 2011 suggesting the UK could have two EU referendums.

Hundreds of people gathered in Glasgow yesterday to protest against Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister

Scottish Pro Independence supporters held an impromptu demonstration hours after Mr Johnson was announced as the new leader of the Conservative Party

Today’s ‘Fck Govt Fck Boris’ protest, named after the lyric to Grime artist’s Stormy’s Vossi Bop song, is being organised by various groups, including Corbynistas Momentum, Black Lives Matter and the Women’s Strike Assembly, according to its Facebook page.

The event, described as ‘a street festival of noise, music and art’, starts in Russell Square, central London at 5.30pm and is due to carry on until 9pm.

Yesterday evening, hundreds of people gathered in Glasgow to demonstrate against the appointment of Johnson as Conservative party leader.

An event organised by pro-independence group All Under One Banner (AUOB) drew in crowds, with many carrying Saltire flags and handwritten signs reading: ‘Boris No! Independence Yes!’


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