Hero dad tackles bag snatcher to ground and shouts ‘s***bag’ in dramatic video

A dad-of-two was hailed as a hero when he spotted a bag-snatcher and chased him down the street to retrieve a stolen purse.

Darren Brownson, 36, and his wife Nicole were driving in the town centre at Farnham, Surrey, on Sunday afternoon when he noticed a suspected thief running off with a black handbag.

In a video filmed by Nicole, Darren is seen pushing a hooded man into the corner of a shop and shouts: "You f***ing s***bag! Get the f*** out of here!"

He then picks the man up and pins him to the ground while he retrieves the bag.

"Run!" Darren yells at the suspected thief, who quickly turns around and walks away down the street.

The hero dad crosses the road and heads back to the car, telling Nicole that the bag could belong to "someone up here".

Nicole replies: "Do you want to walk up and I take the car?"

The clip has gone viral with more than 5 million views on Nicole's TikTok account.

She later explained that her husband pulled over the car after hearing someone saying "that man snatched a purse".

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"I was in the passenger seat looking at my phone, not great, but he was trying to swerve and barricade the guy in," Nicole explained.

"Darren got out of the car, he just went, didn't say anything and ran across the road and tackled him to the ground."

She added that they were trying to find the bag owner but was unsuccessful.

"So we went into Sainsbury's, which is the closest store there and handed the bag over to the staff there. That was it," Nicole added.

Surrey Police confirmed that they are looking into the incident, and want to check on the welfare of the alleged victim.

They also want to speak to Darren as they believe he can help with their enquiries.

Sergeant Andrew Crane said: "This video appears to show a man intervening and stopping a crime in action and we’d like to thank him for doing so.

"We would also like to emphasise that the public should never put themselves in harm’s way when a crime is taking place.

"After witnessing a crime, always report this to us, providing as much detail as possible, so that we can investigate this and ensure the appropriate action is taken."

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