How Inuit Activist Maatalii Okalik is Combatting Climate Change at Home

Maatalii Okalik, 31, the former National Inuit Youth Council President and one of the subjects in Nat Geo Wild’s new documentary The Last Ice, has been a political advocate for indigenous peoples around the world for years. Okalik is intimately familiar with how the sea ice between Greenland and Canada is rapidly melting, causing long-lasting effects on the environment as well as the 100,000 Inuit living near the frozen ocean around the Arctic, and she’s dedicated to shedding light on how climate change is affecting her community.

“Climate change affects the Inuit every day, and I think Inuit have been ringing the bells of climate change for many decades now,” Okalik told POPSUGAR. “Climate change was a priority that Inuit youth in Canada brought forward to our council when I served as the National Inuit Youth Council President. They want to make changes now, so that things are better for the generations to come.”

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