How long after the vaccine does Covid immunity last for Americans?

THERE are currently more than 132million Americans who have been fully vaccinated, approximately 40% of the population.

While studies have concluded that vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna are proving effective against preventing Covid, the question remains as to how long the vaccine will last.

How long after the vaccine does Covid immunity last for Americans?

According to reports, there is reason to believe that immunity from COVID-19 vaccines will last at least longer than six months writes The Vaccine Alliance.

Natural immunity from people that have been infected with the virus can last for up to eight months.

Vaccine-derived immunity can sometimes be stronger and longer-lasting, but there is still research going into this.

Experts say more research will have to be done to understand if people will need regular booster shots for COVID-19.

"The researchers in Science add that although immune memory is what leads to long-term immunity, it’s hard to predict how long immunity will last because the exact mechanisms of protective immunity used by our bodies against SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 are not yet known," published the organization.

"Both Pfizer and Moderna are currently exploring whether or not their vaccines will require boosters or genetic modifications to respond to emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants."

Can you get coronavirus after you've been vaccinated?

You can still get infected with the coronavirus after a jab, but a new study suggests the common symptoms appear slightly different.

Researchers at King’s College London revealed what to expect from Covid post-vaccination, including who is most at risk.

They collected data on thousands of people in the UK using the ZOE Covid Symptom Study app.

Of 1.1 million app users who had a first dose, almost 2,400 (0.2 per cent) reported a positive Covid test.

And of the half a million who had received two doses, 187 (0.03 per cent) tested positive weeks after.

Those who had been inoculated were less likely to report any of the symptoms of the coronavirus.

They were almost 70 per cent less likely to have a fever compared to those unvaccinated, and 55 per cent less likely to suffer fatigue.

Loss of smell, chills and headache were all slashed by at least half.

Vaccinated people with Covid reported similar levels of shortness of breath, earache and swollen glands.

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