‘I bought an old £12 router – and found a millionaire’s filthy online secrets’

A bloke who bought an Apple Time Capsule from a second-hand seller for £12 got more than he bargained for when he realised the technology still had the millionaire’s financial information and porn history on it.

German TikToker @dankeunextgay took to the social media platform to share his juicy findings, which had photos and hardware that had been backed up from the 1980s to 2010.

He explained: “Instead of having just one backup, it has a whole list of backups. That way, if you want to go back to a certain period, you’re able to just go there instead.

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“So it’s not just one copy of his computer, it’s dozens from different time periods dating back to 2010.”

The nosy guy told his followers that he reckoned the original owner of the Apple invention, that was discontinued in 2018, was a millionaire and potentially even the CEO of a top company.

“There is audit history, credit card numbers, flight information. I have this man’s bank account number.

“I can see how much money he had in the bank at one point. I even have his life insurance information, and this dude is worth millions of dollars.

“Now, keep in mind, this is from, like, 2010, so he’s probably dead by now. But still, the fact that I have access to this is crazy.”

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Despite taking the time to look through all of the personal documents and record it on TikTok, the poster said he wants to find the owner’s family as he doesn’t want to erase all the data or keep it for himself.

He added: “It serves me no purpose, and I feel uncomfortable keeping other people’s stuff. It was insane.

“And to answer the question that I know that everyone’s gonna ask, there was porn. So, there you have it.”

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