Identity of QAnon’s mysterious leader Q is ‘revealed’ as ex-8chan administrator Ron Watkins in conspiracy cult doc

A CONSPIRACY documentary has claimed to have unmasked QAnon’s mysterious leader Q.

Makers of the new six-part HBO docuseries Into the Storm have concluded Ron Watkins — the longtime administrator of QAnon’s online home, 8kun — is the man in control. 

QAnon is known for their conspiracy theories regarding former President Trump and their baseless claims about widespread election fraud which supposedly resulted in Joe Biden’s win.

Experts say is the first far-right extremist conspiracy theory in the modern era to penetrate mainstream American culture and Washington politics.

Q is the central anonymous leader who was claimed to be a high-ranking government official inside the Donald Trump administration.

The theory centers around an anonymous source, Q, who is trying to tell the world a secret — or multiple secrets.

They make cryptic pronouncements online have led many to believe Trump has been secretly fighting back against an army of pedophiles, that Barack Obama was the one guard against the unchecked evil of the rest of the establishment

But no-one knew who the real mastermind was — until now, or so the docuseries filmmaker Cullen Hoback claims.

In its final installment, Hoback points the finger at Watkins as being behind QAnon, something he hsa strongly denied.

Watkins is the son of Jim Watkins, the owner and operator of 8chan, now 8kun, the platform which played a major role in spreading the discredited far-right QAnon conspiracy theory.

Posts began to appear on internet forum 4Chan in June, 2017, before starting to spread across social media.

QAnon activity exploded during the coronavirus pandemic, with reports of posts tripling on Facebook and Twitter.

Both social media giants tried to take action but struggled to police the spread of misinformation.

Meanwhile, QAnon supporters now believe Trump was not inaugurated on the 4th and the awaited date is now March 20.

QAnon supporters' anticipation for the former president's suspected return to the White House comes after a "military investigation" into President Joe Biden.

March 4 was believed by some QAnon fans to be a false flag trap orchestrated by Antifa.

Security had been upped around the Capitol after "concerning" intelligence was detected ahead of March 4 amid fears of potential violence following the chaos which unfolded on the hill on January 6.

The House of Representatives also canceled its March 4 session due to the threat that a militant group would attempt to breach the Capitol. 

The idea that Trump would be inaugurated stems from the "sovereign citizen" movement that believes that in 1871 a law was secretly passed which turned the US into a corporation, disregarding the American government of the founding fathers.

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