Incredible moment Ukraine sniper ‘takes out 2 Russian troops with a SINGLE bullet while shooting five men in 5 minutes' | The Sun

THIS is the incredible moment a Ukrainian sniper allegedly took out two Russian troops with a single bullet while shooting five men in five minutes.

Ukraine's special forces – which released the extraordinary clip – said three of Putin's goons were killed and two wounded in the exchange.

The shot was said to have been taken at a distance of nearly 4,000ft and comes just days after another Ukrainian marksman claimed to have committed the second-longest combat kill in history.

The footage comes from the sniper's scope as Russian troops walk into its crosshairs.

The scope then jumps as a shot is fired and the two figures drop to the ground.

Ukraine's3rd Special Purpose Regiment of the Special Operations Forces are thought to have been behind the incredible shot while on patrol in the Donetsk region.


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Text accompanying the video read: "Five minutes – five hits. With such a result, one of the snipers of the [Special Operations Forces] of Ukraine worked against the Russian occupiers.

"It happened in the Donetsk direction. As a result, three Russians were killed and two were wounded. During work, it was possible to hit two enemies at once with one shot.

"For your attention – a fragment of the work of our soldier, captured on camera."

On Monday, Ukraine released gripping footage of the moment one of its sharpshooters reportedly taking a shot from an impressive distance of 8,891ft – the length of 26 Wembley football pitches.

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Shocking video showed the Russian soldier dropping to the ground after the skilled Ukrainian sniper took the long-range shot.

The Office of Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said the sniper came very close to taking the world record for the longest combat kill.

They said: "The occupier was eliminated by a precise shot of our special forces from a distance of 2,710 metres (8,891ft) – a distance that now ranks second in the world ranking, confirmed by the command of the Armed Forces."

Ukrainian marksmen are using some of the most powerful rifles ever made — the 6ft 5in Snipex Alligator and the 5ft 9in Sniper T-Rex.

Both have a muzzle speed of 3,200ft per second – meaning it would take just three seconds to hit the target.

The weapons can fire a 14.5mm bullet over ranges of more than four miles.

The skill of the Ukrainian sniper in taking down an insurgent from 1.7 miles away requires great eyesight, precision of ammunition and firearms, and intense training.

The National Guard of Ukraine said: "With the onset of dusk, snipers of special forces units of the National Guard go hunting.

"Very quick and accurate work by one of them last night."

The current standing world record for a long-range sniper kill is 3,540 metres, made by a Canadian special operations sniper in Iraq in 2017.

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Ukraine claims that Russia has lost about 83,000 personnel since the beginning of the war.

They also claim Putin has lost 2,878 tanks, 5,804 armoured combat vehicles, 1,860 artillery units, and hundreds of other vehicles and combat machinery.

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