Is this Britain's worst playground? Locals compare park to CHERNOBYL

Is this Britain’s worst playground? Locals compare forlorn play park to CHERNOBYL due to its rusting apparatus, peeling paint and overgrown grass

  • The dilapidated playground in North Solihull has sparked outrage from families
  • Pictures of the children’s play park show broken apparatus and overgrown grass
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A children’s play area has been slammed for being worse than Chernobyl by raging residents.

Pictures showing children’s play apparatus in a derelict state were recently posted online, sparking outrage and disgust by local residents in Chelmsley Wood, North Solihull.

The widely circulated images show rusted and broken metal structures, sitting among overgrown grass.

Some of the equipment is barely recognisable as playground items.

Facebook users who live locally were quick to liken the playground to the city of Pripyat where the Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place.

After the disaster, the entire city population was forced to evacuate to escape the radiation which encompassed the region and the city, which is still unoccupied, fell into a derelict state. 

Pictured: This playground in the Solihull area of the West Midlands has been compared to Chernobyl by residents who say its a disgrace it’s been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair

Pictures of the park show flaking paint and broken play apparatus with overgrown grass

Andrew Wilkins said: ‘Looks like Chernobyl now.’

And Paul Yerbury added: ‘Trouble is the park in Pripyat is in better condition [sic].’

Simon Maslak playing on the town’s name wrote: ‘That awkward moment when we became Chernobyl Wood overnight.’

Others expressed their outrage at council for allowing the playground to fall into a derelict state.

Diane Beresford said: ‘Absolutely disgusting. Whole estate needs cleaning up.’

While Ena Hamilton added: ‘This is crazy. My my, that is disgraceful – is this what we pay our taxes for?’

The playground is located in the area of Chelmsley Wood which is set for major development

Social media users poked fun at the dilapidated state of equipment comparing it to Chernobyl

Chelmsley Wood is a large housing estate that lies eight miles east of Birmingham city centre in the West Midlands. 

The local council have plans to redevelop the site, known locally as Simon Digby, and build 200 homes.

A masterplan was published in July despite some opposition from local residents.

Solihull Green Party said it was concerned by the impact of the plans being put forward and has been pushing for greater use to be made of areas available in Chelmsley town centre. 

The party said residents did not want to lose green spaces in the area.

A public consultation is set to take place at a later stage prior to the submission of a formal planning application.

Is your local playground worse? Send pictures to [email protected] 

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