ISIS using TikTok to recruit young suicide bombers in bid to carry out Christmas attacks

TIKTOK is being used by the terror group Islamic State to recruit young suicide bombers to carry out attacks during Christmas celebrations.

A Sun investigation has found dozens of accounts on the social network, which is popular with children, posting ISIS propaganda and inciting hatred against non-Muslims.

One of the videos posted this week urged supporters to launch mass-casualty terrorist attacks in the West during the Christmas holidays.

The video features moody background sounds and starts by describing Christmas as “the celebration of the Kufar [non-Muslims] & Crusaders.

“They do not believe in Allah, and they make fun of the sacred.

“They are Shaytan [Devil] slaves.”

After showing scenes of Christmas markets and celebrations, the narrator adds chillingly: “Prepare yourself, O soldier of Allah to shed the blood of these Kufar.”

It called for people to become suicide bombers, adding “enter the crowds disguised in their clothes.”

They tell them to bring hidden explosives and to "explode it and plant panic and terror in their hearts."

The account used to spread the ISIS videos has been operating for 18 months which has been watched thousands of times.

An investigation found dozens of ISIS accounts on TikTok, including a woman in a burka who posted an apparent surveillance video of buildings and structures in Germany, with a caption that said: “May Allah accept you into Paradise”.

Ominously, the video starts with a regular electronic beeping noise followed by the sound of police sirens.

Her biographical information said: “A lion fights for its prey until it has it and turns its enemies into its flock”.

The use of TikTok to spread deadly propaganda indicates that the terror group is looking to recruit impressionable young people as so-called “clean skins” to carry out suicide bombings in Europe.

The UK terror threat level has been upped to “severe” since the car bomb attack in Liverpool and fears that more “lone wolf” attackers may be waiting to pounce after self-radicalising during the Covid lockdowns.

Police in Milan in Italy announced on Wednesday that they had arrested a 19-year-old woman on suspicion of involvement in international terrorism.

Her phone included videos of beheadings and other material produced by the propaganda wing of ISIS, plus a photo of a young man who is believed to have blown himself up outside Kabul airport in August, killing 183 people.

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