Italian rapper sparks disgust with drill video filmed in war cemetery

Italian rapper sparks disgust filming vulgar drill video in a British war grave just days before Remembrance Sunday

  • Matteo Messore has sparked outrage with a vulgar rap video in a war cemetery 
  • Rapper, 22, shared ‘highly offensive’ video days before Remembrance Sunday
  • Matteo can be seen leaning on British soldiers’ graves while vaping and dancing

An Italian rapper has sparked outrage after producing a vulgar rap video in a war cemetery.

Matteo Messore, 22, shared the video on his Youtube page which showed him leaning on the grave stones of soldiers who died in the Second World War.

According to the Sun, the one and a half minute rap video also features vile lyrics about the Queen and was shared just days before Remembrance Sunday.

The newspaper reports that the video was filmed in a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery near Cassino in southern Italy.

The site commemorates over 4,000 Commonwealth servicemen who took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino as part of the  Italian campaign of the Second World War.

Italian rapper Mex the King, real name Matteo Messore has sparked outrage after he filmed a drill rap video in an Italian war cemetery (pictured) where he raps vile lyrics about the Queen

Mex films himself making a throat slitting gesture while draped over British soldiers’ graves

Allied soldiers fought a five-month battle to capture a German-held monastery and more than 55,000 men lost their lives.

In the clip, which has more than 2,000 views, Messore can be seen vaping and dancing in front of the grave stones of the war heroes.

The 22-year-old is filmed making a throat-slit gesture while leaning of the graves of Cpl Leslie Bulmer and Pte Evan David Stephens.

The two soldiers served in the Queen’s Own Royal West Kent regiment and both lost their lives in May 1944.

 The video has sparked outrage among the military community, with personnel condemning it as ‘highly offensive’.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission told the Sun: ‘We do not believe this was respectful to the war casualties buried in this historic site and have reported this to the authorities and are requesting the video be removed from all platforms.

Mex the King (pictured) is filmed vaping and dancing in front of grave stones of soldiers

The video was branded ‘highly offensive’ while Matteo says he doesn’t understand the problem

The Battle of Monte Cassino (pictured) was a costly series of assaults which lasted five months by the Allies in Italy held by Axis forces during the Italian Campaign of the Second World War

‘These are the final resting place of people who gave their lives for their country, the least we can do is give the respect they deserve.’

It is understood Italian police are looking into the matter. 

Meanwhile, ex-army chief General Lord Dannatt branded the stunt ‘highly offensive’ while the British Legion said all war memorials and graves should be treated with the ‘utmost respect’.

Matteo, known as ‘Mex the King’, told the Sun: ‘I don’t see what the problem is. Kids go in there all the time to drink beer and smoke a joint.

‘I was just making a drill video and thought the location was a good one.

‘Even if I said sorry to the Queen, I don’t think she would hear me. I didn’t offend the dead.’

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