Jasmine Hartin denies taking cocaine the night 'she shot Belize cop dead' insisting his killing was 'terrible accident'

LORD Ashcroft’s daughter-in-law Jasmine Hartin has denied taking cocaine the night she allegedly shot dead a cop in Belize – saying the death was a “terrible accident”.

Hartin, 32, was arrested after Belize police superintendent Henry Jemmott was accidentally killed with his Glock during a drinking session in May.

The socialite has now said the incident was a “terrible accident”.

Speaking in an interview with CBS she said: “I think a lot of people misjudge me… they don’t see my wholesome side.

“The things that are at stake right now is my relationship with my children, my freedom, my business, my money, my character, my reputation and my life is at stake.

“It was absolutely not murder. Henry was my friend. … That day changed everyone’s lives.”

She added: "I had had a few drinks. Yeah. I wasn't drunk", the Daily Mail reported.

"I definitely do not have a drug problem at all. And I will say that the substance that they found was not mine."

When asked if she pulled the trigger she said: “I’d — I’m — I don’t know. I — I — I mean, it was an accident, or the gun misfired. But consciously did I pull the trigger? No.”

She added: “So, the shot went off and he fell on top of me. And all I could feel was warmth. And I later then realized — he was bleeding on me.

“I was shaking him. … I didn’t know what to do. … As I’m trying to wiggle my way free to render aid, his body was slipping into the water from the dock.

“It was a horrible accident.”

Police found her on the pier covered in blood. But Mr Jemmott’s family doesn’t believe Ms Hartin’s account of what occurred.

Ms Hartin has two sons with Lord Ashcroft’s son Andrew, who is a developer and owner of the resort where Ms Hartin was staying.

She was released on bail despite prosecutors pushing for her to stay in prison, but the release was contingent on good behaviour.

Hartin was briefly sent back to prison after she faced off with Lord Ashcroft about him allegedly making sure she couldn’t see her kids.

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