Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Dianne Abbott backed group that wants to REPEAL terror legislation – The Sun

JEREMY Corbyn and Labour’s top brass backed a group that aimed to “oppose all laws” based on counter-terrorism, it emerged.

Corbyn along with John McDonnell and Dianne Abbott all backed the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) which wants to repeal terror legislation.

The Labour leader even shockingly signed a letter calling for the end of the 2008 Counter Terrorism act alongside Moazzam Begg, who founded the organisation CAGE, which described Jihadi John as a “beautiful young man.”

His support emerged after Corbyn doubled down on controversial remarks after last Friday’s London Bridge terror attack, saying fanatics should not have to serve their full sentences.

The Counter Terrorism Act 2008, which CAMPACC, Corbyn and McDonnell opposed, gave Judges the power to hand out longer terrorism sentences and hand spooks greater ability to monitor those convicted of terrorism.

He also attended events with the group in 2010, 2012 and 2013 and speaking at one event said he’d “always opposed terrorist legislation.”

Corbyn also argued against more terror laws after 7/7, writing in the Communist paper, the Morning Star: “These are all criminal acts and the criminal law exists to deal with these events and the people who perpetrate them.”

In another article, he called anti-terror laws “draconian measures”, adding: “By giving the police powers to detain and the Home Office powers to deport, we have crossed a significant line of political responsibility for matters that should be decided by a court.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: “Yet again, Corbyn’s Labour have been exposed for who they really are: people who stand with our enemies and against our police and security services.


“It’s shocking that anyone who wants to be Prime Minister or Home Secretary would want to scrap laws that have saved countless lives and made event’s like Friday’s despicable attack on London Bridge a rare occurrence.

“Only a Conservative majority government will back our police and security services to do what is necessary to keep terrorists and criminals behind bars and off the streets.”

Yesterday bungling Corbyn doubled down on controversial remarks after last Friday’s terror attack, saying fanatics should not have to serve their full sentences after the London Bridge attack.

He said that jihadists should serve a “significant proportion” of their jail sentences.

Speaking at Finsbury Park, shortly before he attended a vigil for the atrocity at Fishmongers Hall, Mr Corbyn said “they should be released when they have completed a significant proportion of their sentence and are considered safe to the public as a whole.”

But he said it was the “correct way of doing things” to allow dangerous terrorists to be let out before the end of their sentence if they’ve “been rehabilitated and they have been suitably assessed.”

Labour have accused the Tory party of politicising the attack and of starving the prison and probation services of resources, warning that it was impossible to “keep people safe on the cheap”.

Mr Corbyn has also linked the radicalisation of the attacker Usman Khan – who was convicted of terrorist offences in 2012 – to the Iraq war.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Mr Corbyn both attended a vigil at Guildhall Yard in London on Monday to honour Cambridge graduates Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones, who died when Khan launched his attack on a prisoner rehabilitation event they were supporting.

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