Killer dad who shook crying baby to death after ‘losing control’ jailed for life

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A dad who murdered his five-month-old daughter during a crying fit has been jailed for life.

Philip Peace, from Dudley in the west Midlands, fatally injured five-month-old Summer moments before calling for an ambulance on September 8, 2017.

She suffered fractured ribs, retinal bleeding and a catastrophic brain injury during the assault.

Medical experts found evidence of injuries which suggested the baby had been shaken and then thrown against a semi-hard surface, such as a sofa.

A jury at Birmingham Crown Court convicted Peace of murdering his daughter after three days of deliberations on Thursday, February 25.

Detective Sergeant Naomi Mauchan, of West Midlands Police, earlier said: "From the very start, the police investigation sought to establish what caused Summer's collapse, and yet sadly it will only ever be Philip Peace who knows the sequence of events that afternoon.

"It has been proved during the trial that the account Peace provided to his family, medical professionals, police, and latterly, the jury was a lie.

"The death of a child is one of the most traumatic experiences that any parent could ever suffer and I acknowledge that the grief of Summer's family may have been compounded by the police investigation into why she died.

"However, this inquiry has always focused on seeking justice for Summer.

"The medical evidence collectively proved that she died from non-accidental injuries, so to dismiss the evidence and opinions of so many expert witnesses would be an injustice to her."

The officer also commended the paramedics, doctors and nurses who tried to save Summer.

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