Lethbridge seeing major warm-up this February

In 2019, Lethbridge experienced the second-coldest February on record; in 2020, the city is seeing above-average temperatures.

“I think we were all a little nervous heading into this month that it might turn out like last year and thankfully, it didn’t,” said Paul Dunphy, a weather specialist with Global News, on Wednesday.

“I know there are a few days left in the month but so far, 3 C has been our average daytime high and -10 C is our usual early morning lows.”

While there is still some snow lingering on the ground, the temperature is 11 degrees warmer this month compared to February 2019.

“Last year, we were well below average and that is obviously stuck in our memory forever,” Dunphy said.

“We had -14 C as the average daytime high last year and -20 C as the average early morning low.”

Dunphy said historically, Lethbridge has a daytime high of 2 C with an overnight low of -11 C.

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