Lotto Powerball: $14.25m prize still unclaimed, MyLotto on a ‘lucky streak’

The winner of last night’s $14.25 million prize has still not claimed their Powerball win, Lotto NZ has confirmed.

All that is known about the player is that they are from Auckland and bought their ticket on MyLotto.

They will take away the Powerball $14m jackpot with an addition $250,000 from Lotto Division One.

Senior corporate communications manager Kirsten Robinson said MyLotto seemed to be having “a bit of a lucky streak” as it was the second Powerball win purchased through MyLotto in less than a month.

Three weeks ago a MyLotto player from Northland won $4.25 million with Powerball First Division, and celebrated with fish and chips on the beach with her family.

Robinson said it could take a while for a Lotto winner to come forward, depending on the player.

“Some people who win big are really quick to claim, they might check their ticket straightaway, they might know that a prize has been won and know to check their ticket.”

“But a lot of people as well have their own routine that they’ll stick with when they’re checking their tickets.

“They might check their tickets at the same time each week, so they may not check it for a little while.”

But she said it was “very rare” the prize was not be claimed at all.

“Normally prizes are claimed pretty quickly after the win, particularly MyLotto as well,” she said.

The lucky numbers in Saturday’s draw were 24, 1, 35, 22, 8 and 40. The Powerball was 5 and the Bonus Ball was 6.

Saturday’s lucky winner is the ninth Powerball winner this year.

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