Marriage proposal on busy Brooklyn Bridge goes exactly as you’d expect

They certainly got the full Brooklyn Bridge experience.

A video of a Bronx man’s marriage proposal on the bridge’s iconic promenade went from a romantic movie to a disaster flick — when a cyclist literally crashed into the scene.

Viral video of Chris Vigo popping the question to soon-to-be fiancée Angelina Rivera last Friday shows the heart-warming scene going to plan — until a pal he asked to take photos of the big moment steps into the bike lane, directly in the path of a cyclist gliding downhill.

“I gave him a cue so he knew when I would propose. He got so excited, and as he was trying to catch his angles, this guy comes and just collides with him,” Vigo, 22, told The Post on Tuesday of photographer pal Josh Rosario.

“He hit his brakes, but it was too late.”

In the clip — which picked up 10,000 views on Facebook overnight and has since gone viral on TikTok and Reddit — Vigo gets on one knee to propose, professing his love to a giddy Rivera, 21. But then Rosario steps out into the bike lane to snap photos.

An oncoming cyclist yells at Rosario to get out of the way. He steps back for a moment then hops into the bike lane for another shot — only to be wiped out by a shirtless two-wheeler, who nearly faceplants into the happy couple.

“It’s alright. That’s in the video, but we’re going to edit that,” Vigo says, still holding Rivera’s hand.


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