Max the German Shepherd goes bonkers over new fence

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Owners and lovers of German shepherds have been enjoying footage of a dog going bonkers with excitement over his new fence.

A video posted on Reddit of Max being allowed out into his new, expanded territory has gone viral.

In the video, Max runs up and down the fence in excitement as he realises that this is his new area to patrol.

He heads back towards his owners on a couple of occasions, but quickly diverts back to his border.

The video, posted by user Dreamer2490, has been given more than 3,000 upvotes.

Other members of the German shepherds Reddit group have warned Max’s owners about what to expect when it comes to the grass alongside the smart new fence.

“Say goodbye to your lawn right in front of that fence,” said Slade0001.

Jasonpmcelroy replied: “Max is duty bound to patrol the border along the fence line. He will do so faithfully until the grass is gone.”

And SouthernMarylander added: “I've never had issues with my shepherd digging, but she runs along fence lines with dogs on the other side. My last place, she actually wore down about a foot of dirt.”

It’s just the latest video of a German shepherd that has won fans online.

Footage of Whisky having one of his daily cuddles with a cat went down a storm on TikTok recently.

He is seen lying down with his front legs stretched out when Gamin, a white and tabby cat, wanders over to him, falls onto his side and lands perfectly in between the dog's front paws. Whisky starts to lick the cat’s tummy after he rolls over onto his back for a proper cuddle.

Back on Reddit, meanwhile, footage of a young German shepherd playfully barking to wake up his owner every morning won him an army of admirers.

The puppy, staring intently towards the camera, whines and mimes barking in the affectionate display as he begs to play and have fun with his owner.

His owner wrote in the caption: "My 8-month-old boy has been extremely vocal the last couple of weeks. This has been my daily wake-up call in that span."

As a breed, German shepherds are loyal, intelligent and love to be kept active.

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