Melania Trump hacked? Fans in CHAOS over fears First Lady is being censored on Twitter

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US President Donald Trump’s wife’s official Twitter account appears to have been experiencing some unusual glitches. Fans of the First Lady noticed that her most recent tweets are not appearing on her account, leading them to question whether her social media has been censored.

One fan posted screenshots of the account neglecting to show any of her recent tweets.

The user wrote: “Is @FLOTUS being censored by twitter?

“It only displays tweets from February on her page, but if you go into her ‘tweets & replied’ you can see all of them.

“What in the world is going on here?”

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Another fan responded: “You noticed this too. It’s weird, right.

“And her latest tweets won’t even show on her feed.”

One fan on social media was upset by the Twitter error and expressed her admiration of Ms Trump.

She posted: “My RT’s of FLOTUS have been undone for a long time.

“She is the most generous, glamorous First Lady in history and sets a lovely example for All Americans!

“She deserves our gratitude for serving our country & our admiration for do so with such grace & style!”

The news comes as Mr Trump told a crowd in Michigan that the First Lady thought the president’s election competitor, Joe Biden, looked “sad” during a democratic debate.

Mr Trump was met with a cheering crowd at the MBS International Airport in Freeland, Michigan.

He said: “This is not the crowd of a person who comes in second place.”

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Mr Trump then went on to criticise Mr Biden’s performance during Democratic debates.

He added: “The First Lady actually came in and she watched the debate and she watched Joe and she said, ‘Darling, it’s so sad’.”

He also claimed that “far-left” lunatics will run the US government if Mr Biden is elected in November.

Mr Trump said: “If Joe Biden is elected far-left lunatics won’t just be running frail Democrat cities, they’ll be running the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the US Supreme Court, and we can’t let that happen.

“No city, town or suburb will be safe.

“On November 3 your vote will save America. Remember it’s the most important elect we’ve ever had.”

At the 2020 Republican National Convention, the First Lady gave a speech in support of her husband.

Ms Trump discussed the “beautiful side of humanity” she has seen following natural disasters around the US.

She also expressed her sympathy for families in America affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Referring to COVID-19, she said an “invisible enemy” has tested the US but brought its people together.

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