Mia Khalifa calls out fan’s ‘terrible’ tattoo tribute – and artist reacts

Ex-Pornhub star Mia Khalifa took to Instagram to share that she was not too flattered with a fan's large leg tattoo portrait of her.

Although meant to be a compliment to their love of the star, Mia was instantly not a fan of the Indian artist’s work.

The Lebanese-American star shared the tattoo artist’s reel on her Instagram stories along with the words “please say sike…this is…terrible”.

Going by the name Arjun tattooz, who appears to have done the tattoo on himself, the Delhi artist was still very pleased by the response Mia gave him, despite it not being positive.

In a more recent post alongside a video of Mia’s reaction, Arjun wrote “Thank you so much @miakhalifa and insta friends for (4 millions) views”.

He has also had a number of people congratulating him on the number of views.

However, the new post has prompted several fans to try to point out the fact that Mia did not like the tattoo.

One user said: “You do understand she said she didn’t like it right?, while another user said: “yo why you made her look OLD.”

Mia was once the most viewed performer on Pornhub before she quit the pornographic industry to become a media personality and webcam model.

The 28-year-old continues to grow her following with racy snaps on Instagram and OnlyFans.

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She participated in a controversial hijab porn threesome that went viral and prompted her to receive death threats ISIS.

Mia was also recently crowned the internet's most popular PornHub star, according to research by Mega Pleasure.

A spokeswoman for Mega Pleasure said: “A spokeswoman said: "Mia Khalifa is the number one most desired porn star on PornHub with a huge 24,600,000 Instagram followers.

"She has a total of 285 videos uploaded on PornHub totalling a whopping 974,000,000 views, resulting in each of her videos having on average 3,417,543 views!"

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