Michelle Obama was scared another riot would break out during Joe Biden’s inauguration while she was on stage

MICHELLE Obama was scared another riot would break out during Joe Biden's inauguration while she was on stage.

The former first lady spoke out during an interview with Good Morning America that aired on Wednesday morning.

When asked about Joe Biden's January 20 inauguration, Obama said: "the mood was wonderful, but it was also mixed."

"I think everyone was concerned about more riots, but we were assured that things were under control."

The Capitol was on high-alert for Biden's inauguration after Donald Trump supporters stormed the political hub just weeks earlier on January 6.

"When you see fellow Americans storming the Capitol, that, you know, that sits with you, so that reality was with us on that stage," she said.

"But to watch our friend Joe Biden and Jill [Biden] stand there with their beautiful family, to see [Vice President Kamala Harris] and her family standing there, brave and bold, knowing that they were taking on a massive amount of responsibility to get this country back on track."

The comments came just one day after FBI Director Chris Wray blasted the deadly riot as "domestic terrorism" and said the homegrown threat is on par with ISIS.

"I was appalled that you, our country's elected leaders, were victimized right here in these very halls," Wray testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"That siege was criminal behavior, pure and simple. It's behavior that we, the FBI, view as domestic terrorism."

Wray added that domestic terrorism is a "critical threat" for the FBI.

"In fact, we viewed it as such a critical threat that back in June of 2019, under my leadership, we elevated racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism to our highest threat priority on the same level with ISIS and homegrown violent extremists," he said.

Earlier this year, hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the political hub following a rally that the former president held.

Supporters of former President Trump have repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims the rioters were actually fake Trump supporters who belong to the left-leaning Antifa movement, short for anti-fascist.

But Wray told lawmakers on Tuesday this narrative was false, adding: "We have not to date seen any evidence of any anarchist violence extremists or people subscribing to Antifa in connection with the 6th."

"That doesn't mean we're not looking and we'll continue to look, but at the moment, we have not seen that."

The Justice Department has charged more than 300 people on criminal counts ranging from conspiracy to attacking police and obstructing Congress.

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