Model left ‘peeing in pain’ after being battered by ex for ‘flirting with another man’

In the photos, she can be seen with red marks and bruising to her face and arms.

She said: “I was peeing from pain and at one point blood was pouring from my nose, mouth and ear.”

After passing out from being hit in the head, Djukic claims Tortop poured cold water on her to wake her up, only to resume his attack.

She added: “I begged him to stop, but he did not pay attention, he hit me everywhere he could.

“I was peeing from pain”

Tana Djukic

“After that, injured and covered with bruises, he pulled me into a room and locked the door.

“I suffered pain, I was hungry and thirsty.”

The next morning Tortop allegedly held a knife to her throat at their flat in Istanbul.

Miss Djukic later convinced him she would not report him to police because she loves him.

The beautiful brunette was diagnosed with a skull fracture, multiple haematomas, bruises, a cut to her mouth and torn hair.

She also said: “In Turkey, I wasn’t helped at all. He has not even been arrested.

“My parents came for me, we filed a report and I am in Serbia.

“My former boyfriend gave a false statement and claimed I injured myself.

“He threatened me through mutual friends that he would ruin my life, and I am afraid because he is not a naive person.

“I lived with him for two years and did not notice he is a monster.”

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