Monster cannibal alligator swallows 6ft reptile whole in astonishing footage

A man captured the moment a giant alligator devoured one of it's own kind in horrifying footage.

Taking to Twitter, Taylor Soper shared the shocking moment a giant alligator rose up from under the water to snatch up the “smaller” 6-foot long reptile from the bank.

The lad, who is based in the US, said the footage worthy of National Geographic occurred in his parents’ backyard, crediting his father for the video.

He said: "This happened in my parent's backyard today… The snack is a 6ft gator. My dad captures some good stuff all credit to him but he doesn’t have social media."

The tweet quickly went viral receiving over 27k likes and 10k retweets since it was posted on September 30.

Twitter users who were fascinated by the footage wrote: "Your folks have gators in their backyard, are they Bond villains?"

Another added: "So if the gator snack is 6ft then the gator eating him is.."

A third said: "This is disturbing."

The news comes a week after a man was eaten by an alligator just during Hurricane Ida's rampage.

Timothy Satterlee, 71, died after vanishing when he was spotted grappling with an alligator in his backyard, The Times reported.

His wife said she saw him wrestling with the terrifying creature before hearing a splash, at which point his arm was pulled off.

That clue has led investigators to suspect an alligator of finishing Satterlee off, with a human arm thought to be his found inside the beast.

The 12ft, 504lb alligator thought responsible has since been captured and killed by hunters, with the arm spotted after it was caught in a trap.

St Tammany parish coroner Dr Charles Preston and his staff were able to make an 11-point DNA match with Mr Satterlee's children using advanced technology, Sky News reports.

For legal purposes, a 16-point match is a general standard for identifying a body. Further samples have been taken from the family to investigate further.

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