North Korea holds early morning military parade for anniversary of ruling party

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has spoken at a rare early morning military parade on Saturday, marking the 75th anniversary of the founding of the country’s ruling Worker’s Party.

The event took place before dawn in the secretive country, and was watched closely in the region.

Analysts were concerned the country could reveal new weaponry, but its state media had not released any images or reports of new missiles or military tools.

North Korea’s state media later broadcasted the parade, despite previous secrecy around it.

Speaking at the event, Kim Jong Un told North Koreans the country would overcome the COVID-19 crisis, and that the people of North and South Korea will join hands again.

Mr Kim added that nobody in the country contracted the disease – but this has been refuted repeatedly by South Korea and the US.

He also thanked the military for helping the country recover after a series of storms over the summer and hoped the parade would show North Korea’s military power – but that it was not taking aim at any country in particular.

As well as the parade, the anniversary is celebrated with concerts and festivals over several days.

The joint chiefs of staff in South Korea had earlier said it noticed signs that North Korea was holding a military parade in its capital Pyongyang but initially gave no more details.

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