North Korea launches 'unidentified missile' off east coast days after testing new nuclear-ready cruise missile

THE South Korean military has reported that North Korea fired what appear to be a ballistic missile off its east coast just two days after it claimed it was testing new weapons.

The unknown projectile, believed to be a missile, flew towards the Korean Peninsula's east coast.

The alleged missile test, which was for a "strategic weapon of great significance,", was the first test to happen in the last six months, AP reports.

According to a statement, both South Korean and U.S. officials are investigating the incident.

The Japanese coast guard also confirmed that it saw the missile land in waters between Japan and Korea.

It comes as North Korea appears to have restarted operations at its nuclear reactor that's been shut down for three years, according to a watchdog.

The plutonium-producing reactor at Yongbyon has stood inactive since December 2018 – but last month was reportedly seen discharging cooling water.

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