Notorious ex-gangster’s French Bulldogs to be destroyed after attack

A judge ordered two French Bulldogs owned by a notorious gangster to be destroyed after they bit a woman in a random attack.

John Gizzi was back in court, but this time for the actions of his dogs. 'Mr Big', as he was dubbed in his heyday, made several outbursts in the court, among them, he blasted North Wales Police for sending "nine armed police officers to take a puppy".

He was referring to the reaction of police when Zoe Carroll was bitten on the hand and ankle near Gizzi's home in St Asaph, Denbighshire, in May.

Ms Carroll was walking past a house on May 31 when she saw two dogs approaching, North Wales Live reported.

"She thought they were friendly and waved. To her surprise, one of the dogs jumped up and bit her on the hand. Another dog started to bite her ankle," prosecutor James Neary told Llandudno Court yesterday.

She was "terrified" although "young enough and fit enough to run away".

She got away and went to hospital for treatment. She was given antibiotics and was left traumatised, said the prosecutor.

The court heard there had been seven calls about the Gizzi's family's dogs in the previous 18 months.

During the case, Gizzi, 50, stood in the dock and shouted: "If my name had not been on top of this sheet I would not even be here. Nine armed police came to my house to take a puppy!"

Sarah Yates, defending, said the injuries had been minor.

She added: "I conceded there was some distress (for the victim) but there is no evidence of significant psychological harm."

Continuing her mitigation, Ms Yates said Gizzi couldn't have given his French Bulldogs – Roxy, three, and Kilo, seven months – any behavioural lessons because coronavirus restrictions meant nowhere was open.

She suggested the court order a contingency destruction order, with muzzles. A contingency destruction order means that the dogs will be destroyed unless the owner conforms to certain conditions.

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The judge, however, ordered that the two dogs were dangerous and that they must be destroyed immediately.

After the hearing Gizzi said the decision to have the dogs destroyed was "disgusting" and he would appeal. He has 21 days to do so.

Gizzi, who admitted having dogs dangerously out of control and causing injury, was also given two suspended 26-week jail terms, to run concurrently.

He was also told to pay the woman £3,000 compensation. When the subject was raised, Gizzi shouted that he suspected someone had seen his "Bentley convertible".

Gizzi told the judge he could not afford to pay compensation: "Impossible. I can't pay that money. I'm on the sick. The Bentley is owned by my Dad. He's got one leg so he can't drive. He had a stroke two weeks ago so he's paralysed."

As well as a string of assault charges, Gizzi was jailed for 11 years, in 2011, after admitting conspiring to bring cocaine into North Wales.

He has also been ordered to pay back more than £1m he made from his criminal activities by the courts. In 2013, a court heard that Gizzi made £6.89m from his life of crime.

It's estimated that £1m of that was made through an illegal cigarette sales racket.

In January 2013, he pleaded guilty to two charges of causing grievous bodily harm, one of assault causing actual bodily harm and one of conspiracy to supply counterfeit cigarettes. He was jailed for five-and-a-half years.

The prosecution said he evaded duty totalling anything between £175,000 and £750,000 with his counterfeit cigarette racket.

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