Outrage at men-only 'naked birdies' golf days offering sex shows and free booze as ads boast: 'Don't tell your wife!'

A MEN-only "naked birdies" golf day in Essex has sparked outrage after offering free booze and sex shows.

The Sink the Pink – Big Boy And Bigger Golf Day has been planned for August 16 at a "secret course in Essex".

It is offering up naked caddies, with more than 30 "very sexy and nude ladies to help the men if they need some help with their swinging".

And it promises to be the "sexiest and naughtiest golf day to hit the UK".

But the event has caused fury among women players, who have branded it "horrendous", The Daily Star reports.

The ad has appeared on 4Play Productions website along with a picture of a picture of a blonde golfer in hot pants and heels.

It reads: "We pride ourselves in offering the 'boys' a very naughty round of golf and an overall super-sexy day filled with forbidden pleasures, oh, and you also get to play golf."

This is just horrendous and takes the sport back centuries.

Organisers say the bar will be manned by naked women, with a 22-seater hot tub filled with starkers ladies on the 19th hole.

Men can also watch a wet T-shirt competition and a "girl-on-girl show" while sinking free booze.

One organiser called Steve said: "These are men-only events. We started in South Africa and we are bringing it to the UK.

"You can't imagine the stuff that goes on behind closed doors. We think it is going to take off here."

But Aliah Saunders, a semi-pro golfer, blasted: "This is just horrendous and takes the sport back centuries.

"It is a million steps back in time.

"Already, typically, golf is seen as a male-dominated sport, and I regularly get looks when I am on the course by men who obviously don't know this is my job and expect me to be rubbish."

While Lauren Johnson, from Women's Golf Content, said: "Up until the last couple of years there have been signs up in the entrance of some golf clubs saying no dogs or women allowed.

"That tells you all you need to know about the sport.

"The tide needs to change. But to be honest the women taking part in these events, the naked models, need to take a long, hard look at themselves."

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