Peterborough Lift Lock canal skating remains off limits: public works

Anyone wishing to skate on the Peterborough Lift Lock canal this Family Day weekend is out of luck.

According to Angela Bullock, customer service clerk with the City of Peterborough’s public works department, the canal remains off limits as the ice isn’t safe. A red flag at the canal remains flying to indicate the city has not deemed the ice safe for skating.

In fact, according to Bullock, who monitors ice conditions on the canal, the city has not given a green flag for safe use once this winter.

On Feb. 6, a public works ice-clearing machine broke through the ice in the canal. Two employees were able to get out of the machine and safely to shore, and a tow truck removed the vehicle.

The city advises people to obey the safety flag and always use caution when skating on the canal.

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