Police probing whether they can ban Tommy Robinson from next England match

Police are probing whether they can ban Tommy Robinson from the next England football match, they revealed this afternoon.

Officers in Portugal are looking at ways they can stop the far right extremist being in the crowd when the Three Lions take on Switzerland on Sunday.

And they have promised to work with their British police counterparts to track him down if he goes to the game and “make sure they stay on his tail”.

The PSP force made its pledge after video emerged of the EDL founder punching an England fan to the ground at last night’s Nations League match against Holland in Guimaraes.

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England play Switzerland in the play-offs for third place in the same city at 2pm on Sunday.

A spokesman for the PSP force, which is working closely with British police, said: “We are aware of the video and we will be speaking to our British police colleagues who are here in Portugal and communicating the incident to the courts.

“But we need the victim to indicate he wishes to press charges under Portuguese law to be able to take any criminal action against the aggressor.

“I would urge that person to contact us as soon as possible if he wishes to press charges.

"We will also be seeing with our British police colleagues what we can do to track him down ourselves so we can find out what he wants to do.”

Asked what other plans they had in mind for Robinson, the spokesman added: “Whether or not we have the powers under Portuguese law to ban this man from attending Sunday’s match if he decides to go is something that we are looking into.

“But even if we don’t, we will be making sure with our British colleagues that we know where he is if he is still in Portugal so that if he does go to the game, we can be on his tail all the time and make sure we can keep him under our control at all times.”

Robinson has claimed he punched the unnamed England fan in “self-defence” after the fellow supporter “threatened him” outside the D. Afonso Henriques Stadium.

After footage of the punch was posted online, he put up a video on social media saying: “That man has come up to me twice, getting rowdy, getting abusive, being aggressive.

"I said to the man's friend: 'Keep that man away from me, he comes back up to me again like that and watch what happens to him."'

He added: "I acted in self-defence. He was the aggressor.

"I had been trying to walk up there and he kept getting in my face. I thought he was going to punch me the first time.”

Robinson said he was called a 'w****' and told f*** off. What you doing here?”

“It's self-defence because I'm not going to wait for him to beat me up in front of my missus,” he added.

England lost their semi-final to the Netherlands 3-1 in extra time. Robinson was allowed into the game.

A witness told Mail Online one of the men walking alongside Tommy picked out the victim – shouting ‘That’s the one’ moments before Robinson lashed out.

Robinson’s wife is understood to have been out of camera shot because he told her to walk away before throwing the punch.

Meanwhile, National Police Chiefs' Council Lead for Football Policing, Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts, said: "We have been informed of an incident outside the Estádio D. Afonso Henriques last night and the footage has been passed to our counterparts in Portugal for further investigation.

"As with all the disorder that has taken place in Portugal over the past few days, anyone found to be involved in disorder could be subject to a banning order on their return to the UK."

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