Prisoner swallows Nokia mobile phone requiring ‘minefield’ emergency surgery

A prisoner in Kosovo swallowed a mobile phone and required surgery that doctors said was "like walking through a minefield."

The unnamed prisoner was taken for surgery in the country's capital, Pristina, after gulping down the old Nokia model in three parts.

The 33-year-old complained of severe stomach pains for days before being taken to university clinical centre's gastroenterology department in the capital.

A Nokia 3310 was discovered in three parts, including the battery as one, sparking fears of "potential leakage of corrosive acid".

Skender Telaku, the gastroenterologist who headed the medical team that performed the operation, told AFP that the two-hour surgery was a success.

"By endoscopic means, without opening the stomach, we removed the dismantled phone in three parts," Telaku said.

The patient told docs that he had swallowed the phone, originally released in the early 2000s, four days prior.

"It was like walking through a minefield but everything went well without complications," he said.

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Police then took the patient away along with the Nokia phone.

It was not confirmed why the man had swallowed the phone in the first place but authorities suspect that it was a means of communicating with people in the outside world.

In late 2017, a man proved how easy it is to smuggle a mobile phone into jail by wrapping it in a condom and swallowing it whole.

Bizarre footage shows a man inside a shop, talking eagerly to his friend behind the camera before he starts swaddling a mobile phone in cling film.

Then, he unwraps a condom and slides it over the phone and swallows.

"All gone," he says. "See? I didn't even need a drink for it."

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