Radio host Glenn Beck says ‘MAGA Martyr Jay Bishop’ killed by ‘violent protesters hunting Trump supporters’ in Portland

RADIO host Glenn Beck said "MAGA Martyr Jay Bishop’ was killed by "violent protesters hunting Trump supporters" in Portland, Oregon.

Beck said he thinks footage of a Black Lives Matter activist – which was apparently taken in Portland after Jay Bishop was gunned down over the weekend – is evidence of an "execution."

Jay, a right-wing protester, was fatally shot on Saturday night in Portland, Oregon,

Speaking on his radio program on Monday, Beck told listeners: "He wasn't a rioter. There wasn't a riot. There wasn't even a fight.

"This was an execution of a Trump supporter. And I think the audio proves it."

The audio he was referring to is of a woman activist ranting to a mob that she was "not sad a f***ing fascist died."

According to video and audio from the rant, as the militant addressed a large crowd she appeared to praise the man's death.

" I just got word the person who died was a Patriot Prayer person," she said.

"He was a f***ing Nazi. Our community held its own, and took out the trash. I am not going to shed any tears over a Nazi dying."

In another video, she was heard saying: "I am not sad that a f***king fascist died tonight.

"Everybody needs to realize what is going on in these streets. Our community can hold its own without the police. We take out the trash on our own." 

According to Beck, there is also audio from the "actually shooting" of Jay – "where the rioters, the Black Lives Matter people, are heard saying: 'We got one, we got one right here! Where? Right here. Boom!'"

Beck's co-host said the rioters "had two Trump supporters" and seemed as if "they were hunting for Trump supporters."

The 56-year-old radio host later agreed that black lives do matter, but urged listeners not to support "Black Lives Matter Incorporated" as it is the "biggest trojan horse that he's ever seen."

The fatal shooting of Jay came as a caravan of Trump supporters clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters in Portland.

It took place at around 8:45pm near the corner of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Alder Street. 

Witness Justin Dunlap told NBC News that he saw the victim facing two people when he heard the shots. He said he did not see the gun being fired because mace was sprayed at the same time.

The victim turned, "took a few steps, then fell face down," said Dunlap, 44, adding that the two people facing him ran from the scene.

Portland police are now investigating the Portland shooting as a homicide.

After the shooting, Jay was pictured lying on the ground wearing a Patriot Prayer cap and a Blue Lives Matter patch on his pants. 

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