Rape suspect attempts to escape police by jumping out of hotel window

Moment rape and kidnapping suspect tries to jump out of sixth-floor hotel window to flee police but bounces off the glass

  • Onjre Damon George was arrested inside the Quality Inn hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio
  • He attempted to jump out of a sixth-floor window when confronted by police 
  • A hotel receptionist alerted police when she saw George’s victim looking ill  

The moment a suspected rapist tried to jump from a sixth-floor hotel window when confronted by police was captured on the officer’s body camera. 

Onjre Damon George, 20,  was being questioned by officers at the Quality Inn hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio when he tried to flee on Sunday. 

When one officer tried to handcuff George, the suspect ran back into the room and jumped into the closed window, bouncing off the glass and landing on the floor. 

George then returns to his feet and warns the officer that he is going to jump. 

However, when the suspect realised the officer had drawn a Taser and was pointing the device towards him, George said he did not want to be shocked and began complying with the officer’s directions. 

Onjre Damon George tries to jump out of the sixth-floor window of the Quality Inn hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio when confronted by police. The footage was captured on an officer’s body camera

Staff at the hotel rang 911 after becoming concerned about the woman who was seen with George, pictured

Onjre Damon George, pictured, was remanded in custody pending the payment of a $205,000 bail bond

After flinging himself at the window, George told police that he was still going to jump 

He surrendered after he was challenged with the threat of being tasered by the officer 

Officers arrested George on suspicion of assault, kidnapping and rape, after they were alerted by a member of hotel staff. 

The footage showed the build-up to George’s attempted escape. One officer asked the suspect: ‘Did something happen between you and her last night?’

The officer warned George to take his hands out of his pockets. The officer then ordered George ‘to come over here for a second’.

As George sprinted through the hotel room, the officer asked: ‘Where are you going?’

George jumped and bounced off the window before telling the officer: ‘I’m going to jump. I’m going to jump.’

The officer responded by drawing a weapon from his holster.

George said: ‘Don’t taser me.’ Police confirmed George’s alleged victim was taken to hospital for treatment.

Blue Ash Police Department were called to the hotel on Sunday after a member of staff raised the alarm when the front desk attendant spotted the victim with George. 

The hotel worker was able to ‘discreetly’ ask the woman if there was a problem. 

According to a police report seen by MailOnline, the victim ‘used body language to indicate that something was wrong’. 

Blue Ash Police Chief Scott Noel said: ‘We want to assure the public that this was not a random kidnapping. The victim and suspect were known to each other.’ 

Officers arrested George on suspicion of assault, kidnapping and rape. He was charged and remanded in custody to Harrison County Jail. 

He is being held until his trial unless he can post a $205,000 bail bond. 

George was arrested on suspicion of assault, kidnap and rape by Blue Ash Police Department 

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