‘Rattled’ Putin’s nuclear war-mongering is ‘blunt admission of failure’

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Vladimir Putin has ordered a partial mobilisation in which thousands of Russian reservists will "suffer horribly" when they are sent to Ukraine, according to the UK Government.

Up to 300,000 reservists could be called up following Russia's recent struggles in Ukraine with Vladimir Putin also teasing the usage of weapons of mass destruction.

Having invaded Ukraine in February earlier this year, plenty of bloodshed has been spilled on both sides but a series of strategic victories for Ukraine in recent weeks has turned on the pressure for victory for Putin and his regime.

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Defence Minister James Heappey questioned Russia's ability to tally up 300,000 reservists as he told the House of Commons: "Russia is unlikely to be able to muster the 300,000 mobilised reservists quickly, let alone deploy them as an effective fighting force.

Following Putin's announcement of military mobilisation, flights out of Russia immediately began selling out with plane tickets costing up to £10,000.

Heappey added: "Putin is rattled and his tactics transparent. He is implicitly acknowledging his heavy losses and his armed forces' ability to achieve any of their objectives.

"His false narratives, escalatory rhetoric, nuclear sabre-rattling are all, bluntly, admissions of failure."

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According to Mr Heappey, the actions of Putin and his defence minister Sergei Shoigu throughout the conflict with Ukraine have "backed themselves into a corner", adding: "They have sent tens of thousands of their own citizens to their deaths, ill-equipped and badly led.

"They're now to send hundreds of thousands more with little training and no winter uniform into the teeth of the Ukrainian winter against an opponent that is well-motivated, well-equipped and succeeding.

"Neither Putin nor Shoigu's lies, threats and propaganda can disguise the truth: Russian conscripts are going to suffer horribly for the Kremlin's hubris."


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