Rudy Giuliani does about face after saying he’ll leave Team Trump

Rudy Giuliani suggested Thursday that he would leave Team Trump after finishing “cleanup” from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — only to reverse course later in the day.

Giuliani told the Washington Examiner he’d been “pretty busy” juggling his own projects while working for free for Trump.

The former New York mayor, who joined the legal team in 2018, said he was still working out issues with the US attorney in Manhattan and the New York state attorney general as they sorted out evidence from Mueller’s probe.

When that is finished, Giuliani, 75, said he’ll likely pack up and would “probably not” remain Trump’s personal attorney.

But later, he took to Twitter to deny that he was abandoning ship.

“I have no plan to cease personal representation of @realDonaldTrump. I was brought on to handle the Mueller investigation and I am still dealing with the possible crimes committed by the investigators. I’m here until Pres. doesn’t need me or needs something else,” Giuliani wrote.

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