Schoolboy explodes grenade in classroom and survives – but blows his hands off

A student blew off his own hands after bizarrely taking a grenade into his classroom and setting it off.

The mad incident happened in the Krasnoselsky district of Petersburg, Russia, on Thursday (February 9).

The lad survived, but was severely injured.

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Although it wasn't a full on Army-style grenade, it was an airsoft version, which is still powerful enough to blow your own hands off.

It was brought from his home and no other classmates were reported to have been injured.

The incident is being investigated and the boy was treated at the scene before being taken to a local hospital for further help, REN TV reported.

The name of the boy, age and the school were the incident took place has been withheld from local media.

Airsoft grenades contain plastic BB gun pellets and explode in the same way a normal grenade would.

In the UK, while legal, you need ID to buy the grenades.

According to Airsoft Ranch: “The UK law is pretty serious on blank firing grenades and you need to provide a valid ID and/or provide a copy of signed declaration form that you have read the relevant legislation before purchase.

“They are only to be used on airsoft sites or military training facilities and nowhere else.

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“These grenades can also be banned on some sites as narrow closed spaces might amplify the sound to the point of ear damage.”

According to TripAdvisor, there isn't much to see in the area other than the Triumphal Victor Arch – which relates back to the era of the Soviet Union – or to visit the Krasnoselskaya Holy Trinity Church.

There is also a mass grave of Soviet soldiers in the area, if you fancy a grim trip abroad.

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