Shocking moment rescuers race to save screaming acid attack victim, 19, as Cardi B offers £8k to catch attacker

THIS is the shocking moment rescuers race to save a screaming 19-year-old mum after she had acid thrown in her face in a sick attack.

Hip-hop star Cardi B demanded justice for the teenager on Instagram, and offered a reward of nearly £8,000 to anyone able to find those responsible.

The shocking incident, which was allegedly organised by the woman's ex-boyfriend, took place in the Dominican Republic capital Santo Domingo on September 25.

Three men, including the victim’s ex-boyfriend who started a relationship with her when she was 14, have been arrested for the alleged acid attack.

Two men reportedly attacked the victim, who was getting into a ride-sharing vehicle at the time, while on a motorbike.

In the footage, the victim, identified as Yocairi Amarante Rodriguez, is seen getting out of a car in distress as another woman helps her.

Several passers-by try to assist the 19-year-old, and one man appears to pour bottled beer over her burning skin.

Rodriguez was taken to the city’s Hospital Ney Arias Lora.

She suffered severe burns to her face and could lose her eyesight, according to Dr Eddy Bruno of the hospital’s burns unit.


The doctor added: “The patient is in a serious condition with chemical burns to over 40 percent of her body.

"Her injuries are very deep, sadly to the head, and her face is badly affected."

The victim’s cousin Rocio Marinez told the newspaper Diario Libre: “She is in a bad way, she cannot see, and the injuries are getting worse.

“She managed to talk a little bit, and is worried that her two-year-old daughter will not be able to recognise her anymore.”

Cardi B posted on her Instagram, writing in Spanish, that she is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone who finds the culprits.

The National Police have since revealed that three suspects are under arrest.

They have been identified as Willy Antonio Javier Montero, 33, who is the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Pedro Alexander Sosa Mendez, and Joan Jose Felix, ages not disclosed.

According to the police, Montero planned the attack and recruited the help of Sosa Mendez and his friend Felix for a fee of DOP 3,500 (£46).

One of them is believed to have operated the motorbike while the other threw the acid.

Police have seized the motorbike believed to have been used during the attack, helmets, and the suspects’ clothes.

The investigation continues.

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