Snow long range forecast: Europe blasted by -10C deep freeze that could reach UK – maps

Weather warning: Huge waves and heavy snow forecast

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Europe is predicted to be hit with lower than average temperatures and snow flurries as weather maps turn purple towards the end of the month. The UK won’t be exempt from this deep freeze, forecasters say, as snow may fall across much of the continent. Latest weather maps pinpoint when Brits may have to brace themselves for snowy conditions.

The UK snow risk surges from November 19, with a blast of cold air lasting almost a week hitting Europe and Britain.

According to WXCharts snowfalls of up to 25cm could be experienced across parts of the UK between November 23 and 25.

While temperatures of up to -10C are forecast across parts of Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and Southern Germany.

The mercury could even be as low as -20C in the Alps during this time, according to the latest charts.

Weather maps show swathes of Europe turning an icy shade of blue as the deep freeze sweeps the continent.

Icy temperatures are forecast to spread across Europe in the days leading to November 23, which will also move into the UK.

On November 23, WXCharts forecasts snowfalls of up to 1cm across most of England and Northern Ireland.

Heavier snowfalls between 5 and 10cm could fall across most of Wales and the North of England.

The heaviest snowfalls could reach up to 25cm in areas of high land in the Scottish Highlands and in the Cairngorms.

Temperatures will remain chilly on November 24, WXChart’s latest temperature maps show.

The charts also forecast temperatures could plummet in parts of Wales and Scotland.

On November 25 light snow flurries of up to 1cm could be felt across most of England and Wales.

Odd patches, such as the capital, parts of the South East and South West as well as the vast majority of Northern Ireland will be spared from the snow.

The forecast for November 25 for the Scottish Highlands and the Cairngorms is similar to that of November 23, where snowfall could be as deep as 25cm.

Forecasts Net Weather also back up these maps, with charts showing a 75 percent chance of snowfall hitting large areas of the UK from November 20.

The Met Office warms low-pressure systems will “dominate” towards the end of the month.

The forecast reads: “Remaining changeable and autumnal particularly to the west and northwest through the start of this period as low-pressure systems dominate, where cloud and outbreaks of rain are most likely with the chance of persistent rain here, with occasional strong winds.

The Met Office forecasts low temperatures and frost for some from the week beginning November 22.

The Met Office say “wintery conditions” are possible over higher ground in the north, but lower levels only have a “slight risk” of experiencing these conditions.

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