Soldier allegedly raped teens after luring them with vape pens and McDonald’s

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A soldier has been arrested and charged with the sexual assaults of two minors he is suspected of luring to his flat with the promise of vape pens and a trip to McDonald's.

Peter Wesley Alfonce, 29, was apprehended by police after one of the alleged victims came forward, according to court documents.

She said that her friend messaged a man who could get them vape pens on February 1.

The man, identified as Alfonce, picked up the girls at Shoemaker High School, in Killeen, Texas and took them to his apartment.

Once inside, the victim said Alfonce warned them he would not let them leave until one of them performed oral sex on him.

The victim said her 15-year-old friend accompanied Alfonce to a bedroom, but later came back and told her she, too, would have to perform oral sex in order for them to be allowed to leave.

She said after being forced to perform oral sex, he told her and her friend they’d be able to leave quicker if one of them had sexual intercourse with him.

The victim and her friend refused to have sex with the soldier. Alfonce told the victim he knew she did not want to have sex with, or even look at him, and suggested they have sex in a position in which she would not be able to look at him.

When she again refused, Alfonse allegedly forced her into the sex position and raped her.

He later gave them the vape pens and took them to a McDonald's restaurant before dropping them off at school.

The court papers state that during the incident one of the girls warned Alfonce “he could go to prison”, but Alfonce told them he was in the Army and “they do not go to prison.”

While under interrogation, Alfonce allegedly acknowledged that the victim he allegedly raped “did not seem mature,” but claimed he believed the victim’s friend was at least 18.

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