South Carolina preacher gives live sermon outside his burning home

‘God is good. He is blessing us. Everything’s gonna be alright’: South Carolina preacher gives live sermon outside his BURNING home but still plans to make it to church

  • ‘Apostle’ Sammy Smith, 64, live-streamed his house burning on November 7 in Piedmont, South Carolina 
  • As the flames engulfed his home, the preacher reminded his followers that ‘God is good’ even when ‘we don’t understand His will’ 
  • Neighbors used their lawn hoses to try and contain the fire until Simpsonville Fire Department arrived 
  • No one was hurt in the fire 
  • Church members offered donations and preacher admitted he ‘became a crybaby’ when he ‘felt their love’ 

A South Carolina preacher gave a live sermon as he filmed his house burning on Sunday, reminding his followers that ‘God is good.’ 

‘Apostle’ Sammy Smith, 64, founder of the Grace Cathedral Ministries in Piedmont, South Carolina, live-streamed his burning home on Facebook on November 7 saying he never lost faith – just his razor. 

Despite watching flames engulf his house, the chipper preacher still said ‘I’m doing church this morning. I can’t shave, I thought I could shave. Looks like I might not be able to shave much this morning.

‘But I just wanted everyone to know that God is good. He is blessing us. Everything gonna be alright. I always say He will make a way and sometimes we don’t understand and as I’ve been saying recently, God might not put the blessing in your hand, but in your reach.’ 

‘Apostle’ Sammy Smith, 64, live-streamed his burning house on Facebook on November 7

The preacher watched as his beautiful house in Piedmont, South Carolina, became engulfed in flames. Smith reminded his followers that ‘God is good’ and ‘everything gonna be alright’

Sammy suspected the fire at his house started due to a heating device or electronics. It started in an upstairs bedroom and appeared to be contained to the top floor. No one was hurt and the whole family made it out of the house 

Smith shared the video to his Facebook page showing the large, dark plumes of smoke billowing from the top of his house as flames engulf the top floor. 

His two neighbors used their lawn hoses to spray water on the upstairs windows where the fire started until the Simpsonville Fire Department arrived with a much bigger and more powerful hose. 

Even after the fire department arrived, his valiant neighbors still helped spray the house down. Other neighbors also joined the preacher in his front yard to offer support. 

‘My house is on fire,’ the preacher is heard saying several times in the video. ‘Right now, it’s upstairs. I hope it don’t get downstairs. My house is on fire.’ 

The 64-year-old preacher admitted in a later Facebook live that he has ‘never seen a house burn.’ 

‘The house is probably pretty much destroyed,’ he said. ‘But God got us out. And, you know, God’s will always has to be done. Sometimes we don’t understand His will.’ 

Although the cause of the fire remains unclear, Sammy suspected it was due to a heating unit or electronics, he told WYFF. 

His daughter and godson, whose bedrooms are upstairs, lost all their belongings, but no one was injured in the fire. 

The ‘apostle’ also thanked his community for their support. 

‘They were bringing up donations and putting them in my hand, And I felt their love. And I when I felt their love I became a crybaby,’ Smith said.

‘And it was something… not about the house, not about any of that stuff not about the clothes that were lost, not about the stuff – their love moved me.’ 

A few days after the fire, a Bible study group at the church celebrated that no lives were lost. 

‘Knowing that God had saved their lives, preserved their lives that was what was important to us as a church family – for us to still have them here,’ church member Thomas Bell said.

‘We could be mourning now, but instead of mourning we can rejoice because we know God saved he preserved.’ 

The church’s Facebook page also went live to show the damages to Sammy’s home. 

It is unclear who shot the video for Grace Cathedral.   

The five-and-a-half-minute video shows the charred middle peak of the mostly brick house. The roof all around the home show black debris and grit on the outside siding near it, and the upstairs middle window was blown out in the fire. 

The house remains standing and structurally suffered little damaged from the outside.  

The preacher is the founder of the Grace Cathedral Ministries and preaches at the Upstate location

Smith (pictured with his son) told his followers Sunday that he still planned on ‘doing church this morning,’ even if he couldn’t shave. ‘Looks like I might not be able to shave much this morning’

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