Storm Dennis latest advice: How to stop things flying out your garden

During Storm Ciara, pictures of airborne trampolines circulated on social media, many ending up on train tracks and adding to the already-severe travel delays. With Storm Dennis now looking like it could be even windier, here is some expert advice.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) said trampolines should be stored safely “particularly during winter months when the wind can force a trampoline to become airborne”.

The advice said: ”Tie down large trampolines – there are tether kits available that can be used for this purpose.

“With smaller trampolines, flip them upside down.

“Remove safety netting from enclosure or cage frames to reduce the sail-like qualities of the cages during windy weather.”

Network Rail has also asked business owners and people living near railways to secure anything outside which could be blown on to the tracks.

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